An analysis of Peugeot's rebranding

An analysis of Peugeot's rebranding

The brand aims for belonging and recognition by mixing part of their history with modern trends.

The current redesign brings together Peugeot's past, present and future. With this new logo, the brand aims for belonging and recognition by mixing part of their history with modern trends.

Compared to the previous iteration, the isotype became the lion's head with a more agressive facial expression. This design came together as a result of referencing the 1960 and 1964 versions, with geometric shapes and curves becoming the design's focal point. 

Regarding the previous typography and logo, they chose a more geometric, contemporary and slightly curved style for the lettering, but slightly different fom the crest's curves.

For corporate material, they use 2 different custom typefaces: the one previously mentioned for the logo, and one specifically designed for longer texts named “Peugeot New”. The latter is a geometric typeface with humanist vibes, which aims to go unnoticed and generate different weights to create more interesting compositions, similar to Porsche's approach.

About the color palette, they replaced metallics with white and dark blue with black. This way, the logo can be negative space and light can come out from behind it. 
This palette is used in corporate application, stages, uniforms and merchandising. 3 extra colors are added for stages, as well as 5 for the sports section (used for digital illustrations).

To conclude, with these new changes Peugeot aims to redirect their communication towards a more youthful and irreverent audience.

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