Benefits of videomarketing

Benefits of videomarketing

Why is it worth it to create a video for my company? We recount our experience with videomarketing, and explain why it's advisable.

Why is it worth to invest in developing a video for my company?

This is a question our clients often ask, when they find in our portfolio that we've created videos for different companies - short, animated and displaying a large amount of information in a simple, direct and effective way.

Generally, our answer starts out by explaining (which we asume several of our clients already know) that nowadays clients want to convey a lot more information than in the past about products and services - and sometimes flyers, posters or catalogues aren't quite enough.

But very few of our clients end up making the call to dare to invest in a promotional video from this simple answer, though it's very much a reality that the times demand more information about products and services, which is why we almost always expand our answer to include 3 points we consider key for companies to decide to carry out this type of project.

1) It helps us present our offer; videos help present tangible products in an efficient way, but they also work very well with intangible products or services. For those of us that sell services, this is a very helpful tool.

2) It's real and hits close; by being able to see the product or service presentation with their own eyes, without having to listen to us or read in our website, clients get a better look at the benefits and advantages of our product or service in order to decide if it's what they're looking for. This could make them feel more comfortable and willing to build a stable commercial connection with our company. 

3) It generates transparency, and trust, and builds interest; it's a proven fact that clients prefer to hire a service or buy a product from someone they've heard of or seen in a video, because they then "know" them, which helps them feel more secure when making decisions. Furthermore, experts say 80% of Internet users prefer to click on a video rather than any other type of link.

On the other hand, videos give companies benefits such as driving interaction, improving site positioning, increasing the average visit duration, turning visitors into customers, among many others.

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