Our experience at Chile's StarTechConf

Our experience at Chile's StarTechConf

We left for Santiago de Chile on Wednesday November 4th to attend Startech Conf and meet with other tech companies.

The conference's organization was beyond excellent, the coordinators always present and careful with every detail, the speakers  on a completely different level and the audience very punctual for every talk. We also can't go without mentioning how kindly we were recieved in Chile, as the only Uruguayans attending the event they made us feel at home.

About the talks, at Solcre we all agree that Raffi Krikorian's (Uber) about "Architecture on the fly" amd Jafar Husain's (Netflix) on "Bind Clients to the Cloud with Falcor" were superlative. Jafar Husain's live coding blew us all away displaying the Falcor library's full potential, and making us imagine how we could use it ourselves for our own projects.

Other than these two experts, we really liked  Gustavo García's (Archdaily.com) talk on "How to handle half a million views a day" and Rúben Torres' about "Tests to avoid visual regressions"

Visual regressions is a very interesting topic, and we plan to add it to our workflow shortly. During 2015 we put a lot of emphasis on automated testing, both unitary and behavioural, adding this type of tests to confirm the changes designers might implement don't cause visual regressions would be the icing on the cake.

Some improvements on futureStarTechConf editions, we think it's essential nowadays to provide gluten-free food alternatives, given that there were options for vegans or vegetarians (which is a lifestyle choice) but none for those dealing with celiac disease.

Will we attend next edition? Surely! It was a hugely positive and enriching experience in knowledge and team morale.

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